What speaks against a coming out in the workplace?


Many gays and lesbians in Germany are still uncertain: Should I come out in the job? What does my office neighbor then think of me? And would a coming out mess up my promotion?According to German law, there should actually be no discrimination based on sexual orientation in the workplace since the General Equal Treatment Act was passed by the Grand Coalition eleven years ago after a long political dispute (usa.lgbt reported3). But the reality may be different, as the first survey “Out in the Office ?!”, which was conducted shortly after the introduction of this law, found out: At that time, the researchers found that more than half of homosexual workers secret their sexual orientation in the job keep (usa.lgbt reported4).Whether the situation has changed in the meantime, should now find a new edition of the Studie5. On the one hand, the study looks at the work situation of lesbian and gay employees in 2017 in more detail. On the other hand, the survey is supplemented by the perspective of bi and trans persons in the context of work and the economy. The study is being carried out by the Cologne Institute for Diversity and Anti-Discrimination Research (IDA) in cooperation with the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency., Participation only until the end of April. Until the end of the month, LGBTI employees in Germany have the opportunity to describe their own work situation , The answer takes about 25 to 30 minutes. The answers can provide clues in which areas more needs to be done to combat discrimination. Because one thing is certain: Whoever uses all his energy to hide his true identity in the workplace, not only has a lot of stress, but can hardly devote 100 percent of his working time to the success of his company.The companies that have been involved in the Sticks & Stones for eight years now know this too – this year the Berlin LGBTI career event will take place on Saturday, 27 May in SchwuZ. Anyone who uploads their current curriculum vitae by 1 May6, automatically applies to more than 50 companies that value diversity, and also has the chance of a four-way discussion at the fair. (Cw)


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