USA: No sex for gay teens


Washington The Bush administration wants to hold a controversial council for the parents of gay or lesbian teenagers. On a website of the Ministry of Health, parents are generally advised to suggest sexual abstinence to adolescents, as this is the “healthiest decision”. From the orientation Homosexuality is in the lexicon the “preference” of same-sex sex, otherwise homosexuality is not widely mentioned, except that one should visit a family therapist. The page also contains numerous tips on how to talk about sex as an adult, and also explains some things, such as that sperm and urine both come from the same opening. Abstinence is praised far more often than the use of condoms, which are not always safe. While more than 100 civil rights groups protested against the website for various reasons, the Ministry of Health intends to adhere to it. It is also valuable for gay teenagers to be educated about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and the limited amount of condom protection, said Patrick Fagan of the Conservative Heritage Foundation. (Nb)


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