Trump retains Obama’s Special Envoy for LGBTI Rights


Despite calls from conservative activists, the Trump administration wants to retain Randy Berry as special envoy for LGBTI rights. This is reported by the journal “Foreign Policy” 1. According to a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry on Monday confirmed that the openly gay diplomat will retain its role under Donald Trump.Berry was named “Special Envoy for Human Rights of LGBTI Persons” by the Obama administration in 2014 ( reported2). Secretary of State John Kerry said that one of Berry’s main responsibilities was to work on behalf of the United States to end the criminalization of homosexuality in more than 75 countries around the world.Since his appointment, the gay diplomat is a red cloth for homo-opponents. For example, after Trump’s electoral victory, influential lobbyist Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council called for Berry’s immediate dismissal, which he described as an “activist in the State Department,” seeking to impose a “gay agenda” on other states.Conservative homophobes were also enraged when, on January 20, just days before Donald Trump Berry took office, the Obama administration appointed Deputy Secretary of State for Human Rights and Democracy at the State Department. Also this job Berry should keep according to “Foreign Policy”.By the end of January, many top diplomats had retired in a hitherto unique exodus from the State Department. In part, they are said to have gone in protest against Trump, but partly also by Trump loyalists have been forced to resign. It is unclear why Berry was exempted from this wave of dismissals. LGBTI activists surprised, “This move really surprised me,” said Ross Murray of the LGBTI organization GLAAD. “But I do not know if I should applaud until it becomes clear what mandate he will receive in the new government.”So far, the Trump government sent out contradictory signals on LGBTI rights. At the end of January, the White House said it would stick to an anti-discrimination decree issued by President Obama on LGBTI issues ( reported3). In contrast, a few days ago, the new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, partially stopped a federal action to protect transsexuals from discrimination in the education system as one of his first acts ( reported4). In addition, Trump nominated a conservative hardliner for a post in the Supreme Court ( reported5). (Dk)


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