Thomas Anders: The first German-language album


Thomas Anders is one of the few German stars that can be said to have written national and international music history. When you hear the name Thomas Anders, you get a lot of pictures, especially Modern Talking, the flowing hair and the unforgotten “You’re my heart, you’re my soul”, which ran in constant loop at every teenager party of the eighties. But in spite of all our images – who is the human being behind the myth Thomas Anders?We met an exceptionally likeable person, who impressed us with his openness and his love of life lasting. A person who has more to tell than nice anecdotes from a legendary musician’s career. Soon we were immersed in an intense conversation about what makes life valuable – love, life and how to have the best day of your life every day. Thomas Anders showed us his first TV appearance on his mobile phone at the age of 17 with Michael Schanze. … so nice … and we are amazed: Thomas sings a ballad in German accompanied by the studio orchestra on the piano …. That’s not how we knew Thomas Anders. But he is not surprised: “It is the right time, it feels right, I called my new album” Pure Life “and my first single” The Best Day of my Life “- to sing in German brings me back to Start, to myself. “” 125 million records sold, Now Thomas Anders released his new album under the title “Pure Life”. An album that celebrates life! “Pure Life” is the first German-language album ever in its 40-year career. The album is the music of Thomas Anders’ attitude to life. With songs that look positively to life; Everyday situations, which are met with humor and little lessons about what really matters in life.Thomas Anders has sold more than 125 million records in his career so far, more than 420 gold and platinum records are in the showcase and was often successful in addition to music as a TV presenter. Every year he plays concerts in front of about 250,000 spectators – worldwide: 10,000 in Los Angeles, 4,000 in Santiago de Chile, 8,000 in Hanoi – one look at the tour calendar of recent times is enough. (Cw / pm),


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