The return of the gay cannibal


A soul so ill, an act so unimaginable. The story of the cannibal of Rotenburg starts now in the cinema. A court lifted the ban.By Christian Scheuß”Some stories should never be told” says the trailer for the movie “Rohtenburg”. A cynical sentence in a commercial that sketches that story with oppressive pictures and clear scenes. Cynical, especially if you have heard the judicial hiccup about this thriller. Armin M., the real cannibal of Rotenburg, whose story is retold here, has been trying for three years to enforce his personal rights. Last he was defeated in front of the Federal Court. Of course the film distributor wanted to tell the story, and went through all the instances.Now German-American production will be on view in the cinema from June 18th. In order to give the viewer an easier access to the cruel event, the story is told from the point of view of an American criminal psychologist, who researches the background of a murder case in Germany for her thesis. Over the Internet, a man had been looking for a male victim with whom he wanted to have sex, and then he executed and partially ate. The psychologist encounters in her search on videotapes, which show all the details of the action. The cannibal and his life-weary victim had recorded their intentions.Armin M., who entered the German crime story as “Kannibale von Rotenburg”, was still in court at the time of the planned release of “Rohtenburg”. And that’s exactly why he had an injunction enforced by his lawyers. He feared a negative influence of the film during the process. The courts followed the line of argument, adding that the personality rights of the accused are higher than the freedom of art. But now the trial is over, and the Federal Supreme Court again gave priority to artistic freedom in a ruling at the end of May. While “Rohtenburg” looks a bit like the German version of “The Silence of the Lambs”, a much more shocking version of the cannibals arrived Story almost unnoticed by the mainstream and also without resistance by the convicted of murder Armin M. on the market. Director Marian Dora realized 2005 “Cannibal”, a low budget independent production, in which not only the sex between the two men is presented without shame. The subsequent castration, murder, slaughter and consumption of the victim is also shown in brutal and often unbearable openness. And Rosa von Praunheim, who had dealt with the ritual murder in “your heart in my brain” in the usual trashy and ironic-distancing manner, was able to show his film unhindered at various film festivals.With “Rohtenburg” director Martin Weiz has tried a very shaky tightrope walk. Splatter movies like “Saw” or “Hills have Eyes” work because the bloodshot horror has no real background. Here, however, a true story is told. On the other hand, the documentary approach seems to be set up by the investigative criminologist. The horror need not be underlined by the tears of the psychologist or explained by the flashbacks in a sad childhood of the perpetrator.Maybe the trailer is right: Some stories should not be told. And for some movies you do not necessarily have to go to the movies.


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