Texas: “Legislature uses religion as a weapon”


Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law on Thursday that allows state-sponsored adoption agencies to dismiss potential adoptive parents on religious grounds. In addition, HB 3859 includes a passage that allows publicly sponsored religious youth services to perform so-called “conversion therapies” on young gays and lesbians.With the support of homosexual “healing,” the conservative state is floating against the tide. The state-sponsored “therapies” of minors in Texas have been banned in nine states in recent years because, according to psychologists, they commit homosexual gays and lesbians can drive. Recently, the Republican governor of Nevada prohibited “conversion therapies” to adolescents (usa.lgbt reported1).According to the proponents of the homophobic law, HB 3859 does not discriminate against anyone, but rather secures “religious freedom” for Christians. However, opponents complain that adoption agencies are now likely to discriminate against gay men and lesbians at will, as well as mixed religious couples or those who are not religious or non-Christian. Activists: The law also discriminates against children, LGBTI activists are taking action the law and threatened with lawsuits: “The legislature uses religion as a weapon,” criticized Sarah Kate Ellis, the head of the LGBTI organization GLAAD. The issue of “religious freedom” is abused to marginalize marginalized groups even more. “The law will not only discriminate against qualified adoptive parents, but also children, and this law was never about the best interests of Texans or children, but about enforcing a political agenda that anchors discrimination against LGBT Texans in regional law.”Children’s rights organizations also protested against the bill because they feared that fewer children would be adopted and as a result would have to grow up in children’s homes.HB 3859 could only be the beginning of a long chain of discriminatory laws, fear civil rights activists. Thus, the House of Representatives annexed to the Education Act SB 2078 a passage directed against transsexuals: The supplement stipulates that transpersons in public schools should not use the toilets that correspond to their gender identity. This law is similar to HB 2 from North Carolina2, which has led to boycotts, but is not so far-reaching. Parliament has already set up a special session for July 18 in the middle of the summer break to pass this bill. Large corporations are also opposed to homophobic laws. Even high-ranking officials warned Texas against provoking boycotts with homosexual and transphobic laws and thus jeopardize the business climate in the business-friendly state. Last month, over a dozen tech company executives, including Facebook, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, signed a letter to the Texas governor last month appealing to drop the discriminatory lawsuit.Unsurprisingly, Abbott sided with gay haters: the 59-year-old has made a name for himself as an LGBTI opponent in the past; He fiercely fought marriage for all around 2015 as a Texas Justice Minister and said Texas has no marriage ban for gays and lesbians: “The plaintiffs have the freedom to marry a member of the opposite sex throughout the state,” he said his idiosyncratic justification. (Dk)


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