Switzerland: Soccer banner against homophobia now officially desired


The Swiss Football Association (SFV) and the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) have confirmed to the “Fans against Homophobia” initiative that banners against homophobia are welcome in stadiums. They reacted to the criticism of football fans, after a banner with the name of the initiative in a game at the direction of security personnel had to be rolled.The incident had come on Monday at the U-20 international match Switzerland against Germany in Biel. “The flag hung until the 15th minute before it was taken down by three security staff,” said the initiative in a first indignant press release (usa.lgbt reported2). The Swiss television had banned the banner, because it was political, it was therefore justification. “Unlike other associations, many fans, corners and clubs, the Swiss Football Association seems to have some catching up to do in terms of homosexuality and homophobia in football,” commented the fans.The Swiss television meanwhile says that one did not cause the action of the security personnel; because it was a wrong information to the fans in the intervention in the stadium acted. Even with a first justification of the broadcaster, advertising with political, religious or similar orientation are prohibited, it was “internal misunderstandings” acted., SFV also drew, Also, the Football Association had in a first opinion3 against the initiative “Queer Football Fanclubs (Switzerland) “on UEFA’s policy against political messages in games. After further criticism, he has confirmed to the initiative “Fans Together against Homophobia” that corresponding banners are welcome in the future.The ban on the ground had been the result of unfortunate circumstances, the association said: “The call to hang out arose from surprise (because at a U-20 game never banners are hung) and a misjudgment of its message / admissibility in the rush of the immediate match preparation” ,The fans commented: “We are pleased about this quick and positive clarification of the bad history and thank both organizations for the open and trusting communication.” Something can go wrong with big and complex events. However, the incident nevertheless shows that “enough attention has to be paid to the setup in the stadium and the understanding of fan requests, and we are happy to join in and welcome initiatives by the SFV.” (Nb)


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