Study: More sex workers with a migration background


The proportion of male sex workers with a migrant background has increased in recent years. Then the Aidshilfe NRW on Thursday at the presentation of the recent study (PDF3) on the life situation of so-called “male * Escorts” in Dortmund, Essen, Dusseldorf and Cologne draw attention.The study states: “Since the surveys in 2001 and 2008, the situation regarding man-male prostitution in North Rhine-Westphalia has continued to change: the proportion of male * escorts with a migrant background has risen sharply.The needs for prevention and social integration have increased changed and continued to grow. “It is expressly pointed out that male-male sex work, like sex work as a whole, is in a state of flux. “This process of change is strongly influenced by the displacement of the scene from public space and the implementation of corresponding restricted area regulations by the municipalities,” said Peter Struck, Deputy State Chairman of Aidshilfe NRW.”Male escorts are less and less common in gay venues or in public places, but their initiation activities are shifting almost completely to the relevant internet portals, which of course has an impact on AIDS prevention prevention activities,” Struck said. EU escorts, NRW Health Minister Barbara Steffens (Greens) said the study makes clear how important the “target group specific HIV prevention in male escorts” is. She welcomed the fact that a “heightened level of knowledge” in transmission routes of HIV and prevention strategies could be identified. However, there are major gaps in knowledge among sex workers who are not from the EU. Therefore, “efforts should be strengthened to educate about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, to provide protection strategies and to inform about medical services,” said Steffens., The study also found that especially in poor conditions living escorts with a migrant background are at higher risk to become infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Policymakers therefore have to hire migrants working in sex work, many of whom are heterosexual and have no health insurance, said Peter Struck. “In addition, the organizations involved in the study fear that the newly adopted Prostitute Protection Act will not improve the situation of the escorts,” said Struck. The federal law was criticized in the past by prostitute associations and AIDS aids, because about condom and reporting obligations forced sex workers in the underground ( reported4).The study was co-ordinated by the Aids-Hilfe Dortmund project “Aids-Hilfe”, Aids-Hilfe Düsseldorf, the “Nachtfalke” project of the Aids-Hilfe Essen and the Cologne prostitution project Looks e.V. together with SPI research from Berlin. 125 escorts took part in the survey, 15 also interviewed themselves personally.Recently there were also reports from Berlin that develop a veritable refugee line in the capital ( reported5). (Pm / cw)


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