Splitting the AfD Homos: If even Mirko Welsch is to the left


The self-purging of “homosexuals in the AfD” goes into the next round. In a “Personal Statement” 1, her remaining frontman Mirko Welsch declared the division of the initiative on Sunday to be “official” and “unfortunately unavoidable”. At the same time he made his gay and lesbian party friends serious allegations.Last Thursday, the former Federal Chairman Alexander Tassis, his deputy Jana Schneider and associate Phillip Christ announced surprisingly the establishment of a “gay – lesbian platform” in the AfD. The occasion was a dispute over the handling of LGBTI hostility in their own party. Thus distanced the new grouping of Mirko Welsch, because this had criticized the Rhineland-Palatinate AfD leader Uwe boy because of its homophobic utterances (usa.lgbt reported2).The “homosexuals in the AfD” were founded in May 2013 not only to support the party, but “also to be a sting in the system,” writes Welsch in his statement. “Precisely this claim has been increasingly neglected in recent weeks.”The freedom of expression is also “deliberately trampled”, so the member of the district council Dudweiler: “My legitimate and factual criticism of a top candidate by Björn Höcke was used to sanction me even a deselection on the board was always in the room. “Hitler poses on the Reich Party Rally GroundsIn addition, Welsch criticized “the constant unwillingness” of some homosexual party friends to distinguish themselves from right-wing extremist contacts: “At the same time, even members of the executive committee at the Nuremberg Nazi party rally site could be photographed exactly where Hitler always spoke and was standing.”While Alexander Tassis “without prior agreement” in the Federal Executive of the Patriotic Platform have been elected, the core of the work had been neglected: “Assaults on gays and transsexuals, missteps by left-green protagonists and important developments (gay AfD City Council in Berlin, etc) were not mentioned. ” Tassis and his followers had castrated the community “to a fig leaf”.In recent years, however, Mirko Welsch was not noticed with a commitment to LGBTI rights. At the AFD Federal Party Congress 2016 in Stuttgart, he supported a motion against the “propagation of homosexual and transsexuality” in the classroom and for the cancellation of all anti-discrimination laws (usa.lgbt reported3). Again and again he made with insulting comments for headlines: Volker Beck he described as “cancer of the gay movement in Germany”, the LSVD as “left-green parasites” (usa.lgbt reported4).The criticism of the private contacts of his party friends to right-wing extremists is not very credible: Last year circulated a Foto5 in social networks, on the Welsch kisses the NPD politician Jacqueline Süßdorf. (Cw)


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