Slats in pinstripes


The ultimate photo book for all suit fans: “Ready To Play” of the erotic label Menatplay shows the hottest office stallions – sometimes with, sometimes without pants.By Carsten WeidemannAnyone who thinks that eroticism and work are words that exclude each other does not know menatplay’s business men. Again and again, the British label surprises its fans with new guys – muscle-stiffened and stunningly sexy – who redefine the term “office stallion”.Better jobs than those shown here are simply unimaginable. At the meeting, you can not help but stare greedily at the boss whose plump muscles twitch under his taut shirt. After discussing the latest figures, people are negotiating who has to hold the box today. And of course contracts are sealed not only with a handshake, but also with a hefty … well, you know. “Ready To Play” serves these fantasies, without ever becoming unimaginative or clumsy. Elaborate and with a great sense for style and aesthetics, all the pictures were staged; And whether with a stiff tail or not: Here is every man a gentleman.The finest suits are just good enough, the models always seem to stand a bit above the things. While sweating as you look at the pictures, these men’s striking poses make it very cool to see that they’re wearing their pants in every way – even when they’re already on their ankles. Only one question remains: Ready to play?Menatplay: Ready To Play, color, hardcover, 22 x 23 cm, Bruno Gmünder Verlag, Berlin 2009, 29.95 €


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