Several young gays spied out, blackmailed and threatened


Under the headline “Extensive investigations into homophobic crimes” reported the Bremen police on Monday by a unique series of crimes, especially the young gays fell victim to.According to the prosecution and police investigate in at least ten cases against a 29-year-old Bremer. He is accused of having traced his victims over a long period of time, extorting them and threatening them.The facts included Internet fraud, re-enactment, abuse of emergency calls, violation of the very personal sphere of life by image capturing, libel, coercion, forgery of evidence, spying on data, threat and predatory extortion. The list is not yet conclusive, emphasizes the Bremen police., The alleged perpetrators pretended to be his victims, The alleged perpetrators acted mainly on the Internet and used especially social networks. He created false accounts, which, among other things, pretended to come from the various victims themselves. In this way, he gained access to circles of friends, gained information and was able to spread news specifically. In part, he sacrificed himself as a victim to gain confidence and gain more information that he abused for his actions.The goal has always been to cause problems for the young gays and to make life difficult for them. For example, some have been roped out over the internet. A 17-year-old victim told Radio Bremen that he had been contacted at least five thousand times by the stalker within half a year, for example with Facebook posts, phone calls or Whatsapp messages. The alleged perpetrator even gave a death notice with the boy’s name and sent a funeral wreath to his school.In other cases, the 29-year-old has sold through classifieds tickets and mobile phones in the name of his victims. The goods were never delivered, the young men got through this great problems, as their names, telephone numbers and in some cases their addresses were given in the fraudulent sales.”The victims have experienced great impairment in their personal circumstances,” it says in the police report. “Among other things, they have had to change their phone numbers and have to deal with bills and collection companies.”According to Radio Bremen, the investigation files comprise several hundred pages. An indictment of the 29-year-old has not yet been filed. The alleged perpetrator is still at large.Police assume more victimsThe Bremen police suspect that there could be other victims. In her statement she emphasizes that not all victims of homophobic violence find their way to the police or to the public “because homosexuals often try to hide their identity for fear of reprisals”. However, this could also “repeat attacks are difficult to prevent, because the perpetrators weigh in security and commit other crimes without fear of prosecution”. Since 2015 victims of homophobic and transphobic criminal offenses in Bremen have been able to turn to Sven Rottenberg as the point of contact for same-sex lifestyles ( reported1). He can be reached at office hours by e-mail at or by phone at (01522) 296 96 85. (Cw / pm)


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