Saint Morrissey returns


London British pop star Morrissey is completing his first album after a seven-year break and is planning a concert in Manchester, according to British magazine NME.According to the report, just the last work on the album “You are the quarry”, which is due to appear on May 17, is about to be finalized. Already one week before, the new single “Irish blood, english heart” is released. In his hometown of Manchester, Morrissey, who has been living on the other side of the Atlantic for a long time, will give his first concert in 12 years on May 22nd. It’s his 45th birthday., The new album is produced by Jerry Finn, otherwise responsible for the commercial punk of Blink 182, AFI and Green Day. “I wanted a louder sound for this record,” Morrissey said in a press release. “There’s no connection to the past, I did not want to do the same stuff again, it’s boring.” So the new album is also political. In the play “America is not the world” American singles are denounced.A change of direction was obviously urgently required: the last solo records of the pop star sold rather badly, in the meantime, he stood without a recording contract. For the new album, the larger labels wanted him to make editions, for example, members of Radiohead should be involved in the album. Morrisseys opted for the small label Sanctuary, with a total of around 30 songs ranging from tender to hard, but not all of them find their way onto the album (but certainly on the internet). Guitarist Alan Whyte described “You Are The Quarry” vs. “Visions” as the “best work Morrissey has ever recorded”. “It can be described as a mixture of ‘Your Arsenal’ and ‘Vauxhall & I’.” The former singer of the Smiths is considered a homo icon unequaled, the UK-famous gay journalist Mark Simpson has written him a biography long ago. Title: “Saint Morrissey”. Morrissey has never really outed himself in all homosexuality games, but countless lyrics like “I’m the end of the family line” left enough room for suspicion. Still other lines left enough scope for homoerotic dreams: “If you ever need self-validation, just meet me in the alley by the railway station” (from “I want the one I can not have”). (Nb)


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