Real the Horror: Fantasy Film Festival


Lots of blood, a lot of shock effects and fantastic worlds shows the Fantasy Filmfestival for the 18th time. Until mid-August, the kaleidoscope of current horror and fantasy productions will be shown in a total of seven cities. Even for the homophile fan of horror and splatter scenes, there are a few recommended stripes:MADAME EDWARD & INSPECTOR LEONF / B / LUX 2004, about 97 mins, French Omeu Inspector Léon, who has a secret love for knitting, gets involved in his strangest case. At the center of the action is Madame Edouard, a Hausmutti transvestite, who sits in the bar “A La Morte Subite” with all sorts of strange people. All these figures of human characters live in a baroque and crazy world., ONE PO1NT OUSA / Romania / Iceland 2004, about 92 min, English OVThe retired programmer Simon J finds a package in his apartment. Then a second. And soon a third one. It’s completely puzzling where the empty packages came from and how they got into the apartment at all. Then even the inhabitants of the dilapidated rented complex fall in rows to a mysterious death. When neither Hausgemeinschafts-fossil Derrik (our dearest Madman Udo Kier as sinister android inventor) nor the caretaker Simon wants to explain about the mysterious deliveries, the frightened computer specialist soon suspects and pursues his porno revolving neighbor and the unapproachable beauty of the other person. THE I INSIDEUSA / UK 2003, about 100 min, English OVSimon Cable (Schnuckel Ryan Phillippe) wakes up in a hospital room. Not only that he can barely remember the terrible accident that cost him his life-nearly all the events of the last two years have been erased from Beau’s memory: his marriage to Anna, his brother’s death secret relationship with the taciturn Clair – everything seems surreal. But only a reassurance syringe later, the clock turns back to two years and wake up the shocked Simon in the past (or present?). Again he had an accident and again the confused lies in the same hospital.More than a decade ago, self-made filmmaker Wenzel Storch, with his furious no-budget work “Summer of Love”, was considered to be the great German film hope among the initiates. As the better Detlev Buck for all those who hoped from the inland cinema ingenuity, imagination and vision. Storch worked on the follow-up for several years just as his own account balance allowed. The wait was worth it. “The Journey into Happiness” is his camp-riffing Magnus Opus, an incomprehensible masterpiece: wildly delirious, infinitely unique and disarmingly wonderful, a slap in the face of all state funding agencies: The Augsburger Puppenkiste with an overdose of ‘South Park’.Dates: Stuttgart 28. July – 04. August 2004 Nuremberg 28. July – 04. August 2004 Frankfurt 04. – 11. August 2004 Cologne 04. – 11. August 2004 Hamburg 11. – 18. August 2004 Berlin 11. – 18 August 200428.07.2004


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