Process in pouring: Four men tortured gays


Because of dangerous assault, deprivation of liberty, threat and coercion since Monday four men in casting must answer in court. The 22-, 29-, 35- and 38-year-old defendants are accused of having severely abused a 29-year-old gay man in November 2014.The drunken men were on the way home from a pub, according to the prosecutor. After they first broke a 44-year-old, who asked only for a cigarette, broke their noses and knocked out several teeth, they met the 29-year-old, who turned out to be homosexual, and took him to an apartment in the Giessener Bahnhofstraße.What happened there was filmed by the defendants themselves by mobile phone. According to the “Gießener Anzeiger” 1, the one-hour clip shows how they first forced their victim to dance naked for them, then hit him several times with a belt and beat him.”Dance at last, otherwise I’ll eat you the food”The statement “Dance at last, otherwise I’ll cut you the eats” could be clearly heard in the video, the newspaper reported. The 35-year-old is said to have forced the gay stranger to dance directly to his 38-year-old roommate and rub against it. This was then flipped out and brutally beat the 29-year-olds.With the exception of the “provoked” 38-year-old, a court-appointed appraiser certified that all defendants, despite blood alcohol levels of up to 4.3 per thousand, had no negative impact on both the ability to see and control. In another trial day on 6 February, the pleadings should be held. (Cw)


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