Out of homosexual hatred: Mother stabs 17-year-old son


A 32-year-old woman killed her 17-year-old son Itaberlly Lozano with a knife because he was gay, according to local media reports in the small town of Cravinhos near Sao Paulo. The act had already happened on December 29th.According to this, the mother had been outraged for some time about the homosexuality of Itaberlly. At Christmas, it came then to a dispute, so that the 17-year-old spent a few days with his grandmother.On the day of his death, the mother then pretended to reconcile with her son. In reality, she hired 18-year and 19-year-olds to kill the boy. The two are said to have beaten their victim and, according to a statement even tried to hang him. When the son was still alive, the mother was said to have taken a knife and killed him with knife-sticks.After the murder, the mother, along with Itaberlly’s 30-year-old stepfather, dumped the lifeless body in a cane field and burned it. The remains of the charred corpse were finally discovered days later on January 7 – they were identified by a bracelet worn by the boy on social media shoots. Boy had reported threats to the police at police station, as the media reported, was quick She was suspected of having been a mother because she had been indifferent to interviews with the police and had reported the disappearance of her child to the authorities only after the body had been found. In addition, the boy had informed the authorities a few days before his death that his mother had threatened him and also posted messages on his Facebook page. The suspect admitted the murder.A representative of the Diversity Department of the Brazilian Bar Association said that there was evidence that after years of quarrels with her son, the mother had killed the boy from homophobia. The public prosecutor’s office also assumes homophobia as a motive for the crime, after the police initially rejected corresponding media reports.The mother is said to be brought to justice, as are the two teenagers she hired and her husband. All four people are currently in custody.Although Brazil is considered to be quite progressive in terms of LGBTI rights, homosexuality has been legal since 1830, and since 2004 there have been civil partnerships. In 2013, marriage was opened to gays and lesbians. However, there have been reports for years of continuing high levels of hate crime against sexual and gender minorities. The LGBTI organization Grupo Gay da Bahia estimates that, statistically speaking, every 28 hours in the country a person is being murdered because of his sexual orientation or identity. (Dk)


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