New “Will & Grace” -staffel should also treat trans-topics


Actress Debra Messing has announced this week in the “Huffington Post” 1 that the planned new season of “Will and Grace” in the topic selection will go with the times and this time also trans and queer topics will treat. The last TV episode of the series was shot in 2006.”We live in a whole new world where gay and lesbianism is no longer hidden, as was the case when we started about 20 years ago,” said the 48-year-old Grace actress. “I think there’s a way to handle the other initials of LGBTQ this time.” It sees it as a great opportunity to show “an even larger segment of under-represented people in prime time”. Trump government should also be a topic, The new consequences would also affect the Trump government. “Will & Grace has always been political,” says Messing. “The program has always dealt with what was going on in our culture and our country, and will show what’s happening in real-time, this time.” Already in September, the four main characters of the sitcom appeared in a short series for Youtube, which was about the presidential election ( reported2).In the eight seasons of “Will & Grace”, which were successfully aired on the big Network NBC between 1998 and 2006, issues such as queer lifestyles or transsexuality were virtually non-existent – and if so, for example, the gender identity of transians was not taken very seriously. So a transsexual stripper was a central character in episode 41 from the year 2000 (title: “Sex with the locusts”). Gay Jack is worried about this episode because he gets sexually excited at a bachelorette party from a stripper. However, she later reports that she was born a male – which made Jack feel relieved that he did not feel attracted to a “real” woman.NBC had announced in January, for the TV season 2017/18 ten new episodes of the hit series to order ( reported3). In April, the station increased its order to twelve episodes ( reported4). So far, 194 22-minute episodes have been shot. (dk), More queer culture:¬ĽOn sissymag.de5


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