New mouthpiece of a modern rock generation


Mallory Knox, like their namesake from the movie “Natural Born Killers”, are clearly out to ruckus. They’ve freed themselves from the limitations they held back on their first two albums (such as inexperience, self-doubt, an inhibiting reverence for their great heroes and the reputation of being the nice guys of rock) and reveal on the new Album “Wired” their soul life, redefining their boundaries and expanding their view of the world. A process that turns them into the new mouthpiece of a modern rock generation.”Our old sound no longer represents what we can get out of the music or what we’ve put into these songs,” explains guitarist Joe Savins. “We are proud of the old pieces, but the way we delivered them, the reins were tightened, and now we feel freed from everything.””When you’re young, you’re trying to make it your hero,” adds vocalist Mikey Chapman. “We wanted to move within the limits we know, because everything we knew and liked moved in. In the meantime, however, we’ve reached maturity or a level of insight that makes you think, ‘I do not care’ Since you’ve been a small-and-small business your whole career and are not doing anything to look for a new challenge, why are you doing it? ” (Cw / pm),


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