Muslim football team after all to play against homosexual team over


The French amateur team Créteil Bébel, which calls itself a Muslim team, now wants to play against a gay team.Last week Créteil Bébel had refused to play Paris Foot Gay ( reported1). The game was canceled for religious reasons, explained coach Zair Belgharki. After fierce criticism – and the threat of sanctions imposed by the Football Association – Belgharki now called in and called the earlier cancellation of the club attorney a “misunderstanding”.In a cumbersome statement, he defended his position: “We did not refuse homophobia to play as we were accused of, rather we canceled because the name of our opposing club does not match our vision of sport.” Belgharki was bothered that the word “Gay” appeared in the club name. “We refused to play Goot Gay against Paris because we were afraid that this club could exploit the match by emphasizing the homosexuality of its players,” Belgharki said. It is still unclear whether the Football Federation will punish Créteil Bébel for that the club canceled a scheduled match against Paris Foot Gay without sufficient justification. Association Chairman Jacques Stouvenel told AFP that a decision on possible sanctions will be taken this week.Paris Foot Gay has always stated that the team is open to all nationalities, skin colors, sexual orientations or religions and wants to fight against discrimination: “It is symptomatic that nobody gets excited about clubs that are only open to certain people”, had explained the team leadership a week ago with a view to the Muslim club. (Dk)


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