Mr. Gay Germany is still available


One month ago, 26-year-old Jörn was voted Mister Gay Germany in Frankfurt. spoke with the hobby fisherman currently living in Switzerland about the beauty contest, his role as representative of the gay scene and his dream man.By Dennis KleinWhat are your responsibilities as Mister Gay Germany? First and foremost, I will represent the gay scene, such as at CSD openings and other gay events, but I do not know the exact details yet. In addition, I will represent Germany at the Gay Europe election.How did you come to the competition? When I applied there last year, I never thought it possible to get that far. There were then 24 candidates selected for the Internet voting – and I was there. I did not expect that. Among these 24 then came 12 candidates. I know that I do not have a bad body, but for me it was a surprise every time I went one lap further.Was there a fight among the candidates at the competition? No, everybody was so excited that there was no time for that. I was busy all day anyway: at 5 o’clock in the morning I had to leave by car in Switzerland. At noon I arrived in Göttingen, where we rehearsed. The election should then start at 23 o’clock. At half past one it really started.What did you have to do to win the title? First we came in a suit, then came the talent contest. I played with my guitar and played “Delmenhorst” by Element of Crime. In the end, we were oiled and performed in bathing trunks that we were given. Do you want to use yourself as a representative of the gay scene for a particular topic? For example, I want to get involved in the fight against AIDS. Besides, I want to convince people, for whom gay is still abnormal, that this is not the case. I myself am not so “gay” over, then when I tell someone I already know, that I’m gay, but the reactions have been consistently positive.How did your work colleagues react? I am currently working as a restaurant service in a Swiss village. My colleagues were enthusiastic about my application. I also had no problem getting holidays for the competition. After all, my colleagues have also voted for me on the Internet and thus only brought me so far.Is such a nice guy like you actually still to have? And who is your dream man? Yes, I’m solo. But I have no scheme for the perfect friend. It just has to fit. It is important that you can talk to him well about all sorts of things.Issues like the fabulous Cher or rather like decision-making in the Swiss Federal Council? Well, I have not heard too much about politics in Switzerland yet. Common sense and ordinary manners are more important than the topics.As a gay man in the Swiss province, did you never have any problems? No, friends warned me that it could be difficult. But I have not had a single bad experience. In my old home Zittau in Saxony that was a bit different. Unfortunately, in Germany, especially in the new federal states, there are still many right-wing extremists. Here you can talk well with people, even with the older ones. Most of them first get to know me and later I tell them that I’m gay. Then they can not say that suddenly they want to have nothing more to do with me.


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