Mr. Gay Choice on Mykonos


Mykonos The island of Mykonos will host the fourth largest gay event in Greece on 4 June for the fourth time: 20 gay and bisexual finalists between the ages of 18 and 35 compete for the coveted title of Mr. Gay Greece. In a new category, for the first time, applicants from all over the Mediterranean will also be voted Mr. Mediterraneo. Holidaymakers from Germany can apply for the title of Mr. Gay Tourism, as well as Mr. Gay Cyprus and Mr. Gay Mykonos. The venue for the spectacle is the five-star Hotel Kouros, whose extensive pool complex will be the stage for the show-jumping applicants. From here you also have a fantastic view over the port of Mykonos. As a show act, the Italian singer Corrado Ferrante is there, who has appeared in the election last year. (Mm)


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