“Islamic State” is said to have killed gays again


The IS brags itself once again with the execution of a man for alleged homosexuality: pictures published by the terrorist organization to show how the man fell from a house roof and lying on the ground with stones thrown.When the pictures were taken is unclear. They were distributed last Sunday in a telegram channel by supporters of the Islamic State. As a comparison with earlier pictures shows, however, they did not originate in Mosul, as stated in international media and its main source “Iraqi News”, but in several hours drive away Rawa, which is still under the control of the Islamists.As was almost always the case with the British tabloid Daily Mail, which still literarily embellished the act (“A group of people had gathered to watch the young man’s last breath”), they had made their way into British LGBTI media and However, it is not possible to determine whether the four published images prove the execution or merely assert: one shows a leader of the group reading the “verdict”, one of the spectators possibly participating were forced. In one picture, the person to be executed is to be seen in the preparations for the roof, another picture shows him lying on the ground from a distance. Around him are scattered stones, partly in a row that seems to have fallen; The picture also shows several men in a pose just before a stone.The execution can not be verified. Supporters of the “Islamic State” had already published several pictures of executions of men for alleged homosexuality from the same building in Rawa. In a series of pictures from January 2016, which should also show the case of a man from the building, there were doubts, whether it was not a manipulation and asked pictures (usa.lgbt reported2)., Murderous propaganda with end in sight? Although reports of executions of men by ISIS have recently declined because of their alleged homosexuality, it has been proven by some obvious documentation and partly by eyewitnesses who fled later that they have taken place in some cases. It is estimated that this affected between 30 and 50 men in Syria and Iraq. Most of them were thrown from buildings, some stoned or shot.As with other shocking executions, the Islamic State insists that the images created are spread virally – using them to spread its message and gain new members. After the terrorist attack on the “Pulse” in Orlando, the glossy magazine of the terrorist organization, “Dabiq”, went into detail about the fight against “sodomites” (usa.lgbt reported3). Recently, there were also setbacks for the IS and its propaganda: At the beginning of March, in Mossul, a neighborhood with a tall building from which the Islamists had repeatedly killed alleged gays, came under the control of Iraqi troops. Meanwhile, the building was destroyed.


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