HIV-positive may now to the Bundeswehr


Until now, people with HIV in the Bundeswehr were generally considered unfit for military service – this discriminatory practice has now been ended by the Federal Ministry of Defense.”HIV infection, with effective antiretroviral therapy, adequate immunocompetence, and no signs of illness since February 21, 2017, is no longer a major impediment to employment, service extension, and occupational soldier status,” it says in a letter (PDF1) from Head of Unit Jörg Ruff to the Lesbian and Gay Association in Germany (LSVD).The LSVD had been campaigning for a new regulation for months. Accordingly, he welcomed the end of the disadvantage: “The Bundeswehr recognizes that most people who live with HIV infection, can fully pursue a professional activity,” said LSVD spokesman Sandro Wiggerich. “A well-effective HIV therapy protects at least as reliable before the transmission of HIV as condoms according to the assessment of professional societies.Therefore, asymptomatic HIV-infected persons in the field of employment and occupation should not be disadvantaged.”, Soldiers are excluded from the AGG by the LSVD Reaming reached solution was the easiest way to end the discrimination. Since the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) does not apply to soldiers, a lawsuit was out of the question.Much persuasion was not necessary: ​​Federal Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) has set itself the goal of reducing discrimination in the armed forces and to promote diversity. At the end of January, she invited to a workshop on sexual orientation and identity in the Bundeswehr ( reported2). (Cw)


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