Greens to Daniel Günther: “Acting instead of election campaign speeches”


The interview1 published on Saturday with Schleswig-Holstein’s CDU leader Daniel Günther has triggered very different reactions. The opposition leader and desiginated top candidate of his party in the May state election in May had demanded the legal equality of homosexual couples and meant that he could also imagine the term “marriage”.The CDU politician was explicitly praised by both the Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD) and the lesbians and gays in the Union (LSU). “Bravo, Daniel Günther!” Wrote the LSVD Schleswig-Holstein2 on his Facebook page. “It is an important sign for queer people in these times and an upcoming state election, what you say about our concerns in public and what course the northern CDU wants to take.””It’s getting more and more moving in the Union,” commented the LSU-Bundesverband3 in a Facebook post. “Thanks to the CDU Schleswig-Holstein or to their country chairman Daniel Günther for the clear words – a real and important sign!”Green: In the parliament, the CDU has always contained onlyBy contrast, criticism came from the Green MP Rasmus Andresen. “Günther should act instead of swinging election campaign speeches,” the gay politician told “It does not matter if the opening up of marriage, the introduction of the action plan against homophobia and sexual diversity or a resolution for the rights of transsexuals and intersexuals – whenever it came to concrete improvements for LGBTQI in Schleswig-Holstein, has Daniel Günther in the parliament. “, He welcomed it, if the CDU of their” encrusted image of society of the fifties “say goodbye, Andresen, the concrete proof she had remained in the parliament but so far remained guilty. “Instead of rhetorical in the election campaign to give the impression to take the side of gays and lesbians, Daniel Günther must deliver.”The Green politician called on the Schleswig-Holstein CDU members of the Bundestag, together with Greens, Left and SPD in Berlin to decide the marriage for all: “Daniel Günther should convince his own members of parliament and show how serious he really is equality. “The fact that the CDU country chief wants to equate homosexuals in Germany, he ignored their situation in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria by the classification of these countries as “safe countries of origin”, called Andresen “cynical”. (Mize)


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