Gran Canaria: Drag Queen Gala incensed Vatican


A live televised Drag Queen contest at the Gran Canaria Carnival has caused a surprising scandal in Spain, as if Madonna had left the country without a trace.Following the staging of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and partly with her music, the artist Borja Casillas aka “Sethlas” first appeared as Virgin Mary on Monday, then as Jesus, including scenes on the cross and dancers in penitential robes. The performance won the televote of the station La 2., The competition for the “Drag Queen of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria” is carried out since 1998 in the carnival and now had a scandal: The Catholic Bishop of the Canaries, Francisco Cases Andreu, lamented in the face of this “Triumphs of the blasphemous frivolity” his eyes had filled with tears. It was the “saddest day” of his term.The bishop himself created a scandal of his own: he emphasized that the performance had replaced the misfortune of Spanair flight 5022 as its saddest day. In 2008, the plane crashed en route to the island at Madrid-Barajas airport. The 154 dead, he probably forgot, indignantly lamented an association of relatives., Heard call for censorship, Even the Vatican seemed by the staging of the Drag Queen so outraged that Vatican Radio multilingual and on the website with image of Sethlas on the sadness of the Bishop and the “offensive carnival parade” had to point out (the Spanair aspect ignored the transmitter thereby).Even, the portal of the German bishops’ conference, spoke of another “scandal staging” after a “anti-church” play in Poland. Meanwhile, Bishop Cases Andreu “announced that they wanted to hold an expiation in the cathedral,” reported the Catholic “Tagespost”.The bishop had publicly asked if there were any places that could stop the alleged blasphemy that hurt many citizens. The bishop was heard: At the beginning of the week, all the videos and photos of the gig disappeared from the media library of the public broadcaster RTVE, to which La 2 belongs. Later, the station apologized for this and announced an investigation into how this could happen., Cultural struggle for religion and gender, Borja Casillas said in interviews to his performance, he had no one injured, but certainly want to provoke; he himself wanted to become a professor of religious studies. A petition to support the drag queen at comes to nearly 20,000 signatures.It represents a response to a petition by ultra-conservative Christians, which have now signed 43,000 people, calling for consequences from the broadcaster, the show’s sponsors, and local and national politics. The policy of the city but had mostly put behind Sethlas.Meanwhile, the “Association of Christian Lawyers” has filed criminal charges for “hatred of religion”. She compared the case with another one who is making headlines in Spain at the moment: The arch-catholic group turns on a bus tour against the “gender ideology”: “Boys have a penis, girls a vulva, do not be fooled!”, is written big on the bus ( reported2). The city council of Madrid had stopped the tour on Wednesday, the prosecutor’s office announced investigations.


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