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PinkMap is the first gay dating site for iPhone to connect online flirting with mobile localization. CEO Johannes Tyra explains the latest mobile phone technology in the interviewBy Carsten WeidemannAlmost all gays have their profile at Gayromeo, now everyone should come to you. What makes the gay dating platform PinkMap different or better?First off the front: We do not find Gayromeo bad. But we just want to give people a contemporary, mobile platform and connect them back to real life. With PinkMap, every user can immediately see what is going on in his environment or at any other location and can make direct and live contact with the users on site. We want to move away from the lengthy communication, to the uncomplicated and direct chat experience.For quick clarification of sex dates?Why not? This is very straightforward: Central component is the map with us. On it you can see your own position and at the same time, of course, who else is nearby. Directly shoving, data and having fun. Even if the person is not online at PinkMap, he immediately gets a message that someone has written to him. Almost like a free SMS, only completely anonymous., Can I also upload my “Schweinkram” pictures?We are one of the first FSK-18 apps from Apple, we are proud of that. Nevertheless, we want to keep the profile photos pretty clean and aesthetic. But there are also the photo albums and even the possibility to send a live image directly during chatting …¬†How did you protect your privacy? Over time, with mobile localization, I can pinpoint exactly where in my neighborhood when which gay PinkMap user is staying or maybe even create a motion profile of my lover, to see if that may not be alien …Do not worry, we can only display and update the position if PinkMap is also started. We generally do not create motion profiles, but only show the current position, otherwise the whole app would be meaningless. For later, however, a kind of invisibility cloak is planned …Something that so far has no dating platform: You have integrated a scene guide. Who cares and can I also enter or change addresses myself?At the moment, our PinkMap team does it all by itself, researching and maintaining venues. But soon we will be able to create locations and report bugs. We believe that in the long run we can offer a really up to date guide for gays. We just want to facilitate orientation in foreign cities. And if you want to know if there’s something going on: Just write to the users who are in the vicinity!, You have gone with the message to the public that you have just put PinkMap as a free app for the iPhone online. Now many of my friends have an iPhone, but I do not. Do I have to throw my Nokia now and switch to Apple, or are there other mobile possibilities to participate?We chose the iPhone because it’s very popular with gays and offers a lot of features needed for PinkMap: big screen, GPS tracking, touch screen. Next up is Android on the program. For all others, we have an equivalent web application at, which is very easy to use. But the most fun of course is on the way.Speaking of free. The app is available free, the PinkMap account costs nothing: What do you really want to earn money?At the moment we are still completely free and will stay for the first users, who register now. Then there will be a free app and a premium app. The costs are then really manageable and are between four and six euros a month. We find that appropriate and speak openly about it.


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