“Gay is cool” and sprayed swastika


Whimsical process in Schweinfurt: A 28-year-old had to answer in the last week in front of the district court, because he had sprayed a swastika-like sign and the saying “gay is cool” on the wall of a tobacconist at the end of October 2016.The prosecution accused the production assistant of property damage and the use of marks of unconstitutional organizations. He is said to have also “decorated” a wall of the station building and a cigarette vending machine with red paint, according to the prosecution. The man had gone to the police after the fact and had reported himself.In court, the 28-year-old regretted after a report of the “Main-Post” his spray action and asserted that he has no idea with his right mind. He had simply been “drunk” and had nothing to do with the action. “Gay is cool,” he sprayed because his buddy, with whom he was traveling, would have said so at that moment.The judge believed the defendant that he had nothing to do with right-wing ideas; the public prosecutor’s office was of the same opinion. The “swastika” caused astonishment: It had “consisted of two peculiar, rather serpentine, serpentine lines, in which even the cross ends point in the wrong direction”, says the “Main-Post”.At the suggestion of the district court, the procedure was terminated with the consent of all parties against two conditions. So the 28-year-old has to pay for the damage of the shopkeeper in the amount of 80 euros and also afford 50 hours of community service. The addiction counseling of the city he already claims, said the sprayer in the process. He had not picked up the bottle since the incident. (Cw)


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