Gay haters wants to perform in Munich


The City Council of Munich is protesting against the planned appearance of the homophobic Jamaican singer Sizzla Kalonji on 27 November.The reggae artist wants to perform as part of his “Ghetto Youth-Ology Tour” in Munich “Backstage”. Resistance is now forming from the Green / Pink List faction. Group leader Lydia Dietrich (Greens) and City Councilor Thomas Niederb├╝hl (Rosa Liste) have requested that they examine all possibilities in order to ban their appearance and to contact the Foreign Office to what extent an entry ban can be imposed on Sizzla. Already during a concert tour last year, the singer has received a travel ban in the Schengen area; after some concerts he was arrested and deported in Spain ( reported1).”A Rastamann does not apologize to fags”Sizzla has repeatedly been struck by lyrics and utterances with violence against gays. In a popular song he demands, among other things: “Burn the men who have sex with men”. After several appearances Sizzla recorded the song “Nah Apologize” in 2007, in which he accuses “fagots” of racism and threatens further homophobic violence (“A Rastamann does not apologize to fags, if you black people, I will on you with mine Shoot weapon “).Human rights activists blame homophobic reggae songs by Sizzla and other artists for lynching on gays. City council Niederb├╝hl compared the Mussik Sizzlas therefore with that of neo-Nazi bands: “There is no right to disseminate hatred and hate against minorities,” said the politician of the Pink List., Criticism of the “backstage”, the Green Lydia Dietrich criticized the Backstage management, who have made appearances by Jamaican hate singers into the fixed repertoire of their stage: “Back in 2008, we complained about the appearance of the hate musician Bounty-Killer in the backstage and conducted intensive discussions with the managing director Hans-Georg Stocker Obviously, we have failed to make Mr. Stocker aware of his responsibility for tolerance and the rights of minorities, but I call on the backstage, Sizzla – as well as all other homophobic hate musicians – so long to provide no more stage, until they distance themselves from their propaganda against gays. “Further Sizzla concerts are planned at the end of November in the “Kesselhaus” Berlin and in the “Zapata” Stuttgart. The Hamburger “factory” has already unloaded the gay man under pressure from the LSVD at the end of August ( reported3). Most recently, in September, a planned concert of the hated singer Elephant Man in Dusseldorf was also canceled after protests ( reported4). (Dk)


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