Fürth: Man killed his roommate


On Thursday, a 46-year-old roofer confessed to strangling his 52-year-old roommate in the same apartment in March of last year in the context of a dispute before the Nuremberg-Fürth district court. The prosecution accuses him manslaughter.The dispute had come on March 24 in the two-room apartment in the Fürth Südstadt, when the elderly resident came home late. The defendant lived there as a subtenant and slept on a couch, according to media reports, he paid a small monthly rent and took care of the food and the household.The gay 52-year-old, he had occasional sex, a relationship could have been but no speech, the accused in court. In the evening, it was argued, about the color of the renovated garden shed about. Defendant had apparently delusions, while some media and the dpa report that the older man had the younger man reported the first time the evening of the contacts with other men and so on the evening of the evening An outbreak of violence was triggered, writes the newspaper “Nürnberger Zeitung” from the trial, the dispute had turned to already known meetings.According to the accused, the accused in the court had stressed that three of the men had behaved over him in an overriding manner. In retrospect, he could also identify them: as Paul Breitner, Uli Hoeneß and Franz Beckenbauer. The court-appointed psychiatrist considers the alleged visits of the celebrities of FC Bayern for delusions. The dispute had escalated when the older man said that he did not have to regret anything.He had “taken the man into a headlock” for so long until he stopped moving, said the defendant. The prosecution alleged that he had strangled him with a pillow, he pointed back: He had placed the pillow on his head, because he could not stand the sight any longer.After the deed, the man drove first to his mother in Weimar, drunk and got into a police check. “With a guilty conscience” he had returned to the scene the next morning. There he called the ambulance with the advice to have just discovered the friend’s lifeless body.The trial will continue, with a verdict expected next week.


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