Facebook now knows what it does


The prevention campaign “I know what I do” has landed on the popular network. There is now information about burst condoms, proctologists and Co.By Christian ScheußAll roads lead to IWWIT? Not at all. The web is big and big, the campaign website is still pretty young. Not all of them know the information portal for men who have sex with men. The IWWIT team did a great job promoting the campaign, messages and internet presence at the German CSDs this summer.And now you have also linked to the social network Facebook. According to its own information, it currently has about 300 million users, most of them in the US. But since 2008 Facebook is also booming in Germany. 6.2 million are present in this country, but between March and July, the number of German users rose by 50 percent. Age range: between 18 and 34 years. And undoubtedly many men who love men. They can now join the IWWIT group and get some food from the information arsenal of the prevention campaign. In addition to the pictures with slogans and role models, among others, a few videos on sexual health. A doctor shows impressively how a condom can break, and a proctologist puts a patient on the chair for an anal examination. Of course, everything only clothed and guaranteed youthful.


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