Ex-Death of Little Britain Star commits suicide


Kevin McGee, Matt Lucas’s former life partner, hanged himself at his home in Edinburgh, Scotland.Television producer McGee had partnered with 35-year-old Lucas at the end of 2006, but divorced in 2008 (usa.lgbt reported1). The separation was done in agreement, the couple said at the time. Lucas cited McGee’s “inappropriate behavior” as the reason for the divorceFriends McGees had alerted the authorities on Monday after he changed his Facebook status. He wrote, “Kevin McGee thinks that death is much better than life.” There have been reports in the past that McGee has disturbed Lucas’s separation.According to media reports, Matt Lucas was “shocked” by the news. His “Little Britain” film partner David Walliams immediately visited him in his apartment in central London and comforted him. “Despite her diversity and her difficult marriage, Matt has always loved,” said a source opposite the tabloid “Sun”.The 35-year-old Lucas became world-famous as a cast member of the BBC television series “Little Britain”. He has developed the sketch show together with David Walliams; both play the main roles as well. The series ran in this country on Sat.1 Comedy and Comedy Central. Lucas was a total of five years McGee liiert. (Dk)


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