EU alarm: Aids conquers Europe


Brussels / Berlin Europe is currently experiencing a worrying rise in new HIV infections. “We are talking about rising values ​​in Western Europe and we are talking about a very serious situation, especially in Estonia and Lithuania,” said EU Commissioner Pavel Telicka in Brussels. In the eastern parts of the European Union, the annual number of new infections is now rising faster in Africa.In Germany, especially students and young people underestimate the dangers of AIDS. In the Berlin Aids-Hilfe 35 percent of those seeking advice last year were younger than 30 years, says the local CEO, Kai -Uwe Merkenich. And adds that many students and young people today have supplanted the risks of fatal immunodeficiency disease and no longer use condoms during sex. Among adolescents there is also a widespread misconception that AIDS is curable or only affects older people.In the face of the epidemic, Telicka demands more EU political leadership in the fight against the disease. A working paper calls for more education on AIDS, better access for the socially disadvantaged to medical treatment, closer coordination of national AIDS strategies and the development of new medicines. Vaccine developments have not yet come out through basic research. (Mw)


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