Court awards ex-footballer $ 3 million for homosexual rumor


Blogger Andrew Caldwell has been forced to pay the former NFL player Kordell Stewart $ 3 million (€ 2.8 million) in damages for speaking of an alleged affair with the athlete, according to a ruling by a US District Judge. The court in the city of Decatur near Atlanta saw it as proven that the “accusation” had caused the 44-year-old athlete both emotional harm and his career harmed. Originally Kordell had demanded $ 4.5 million ( reported1).There had been rumors of homosexuality around the footballer divorced by a woman that he had always denied indignantly. In the court documents, he stated that he had been “a heterosexual man at all times of his life.” The “accusation” of being gay cost him respect in the sports industry, in which “hardship and ‘macho’ personalities dominate,” the complaint says.The ex-player of top clubs such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens had in the past justified his heterosexuality with his Christian faith. “One thing I know about life is that when God created heaven and earth, he created Adam and Eve,” he said in a television interview last year.Even the blogger who had pronounced the “accusation” pretends to be a devoted Christian who has since “overcome” his homosexuality. Andrew Caldwell achieved cult status in 2014 with a viral video, in which he was given a microphone by a vicar during a service and shouted, “I’m no longer gay, I’m liberated, I do not like men anymore, I like women. Women, women, women, women! ” He emphasized his newly found heterosexuality by saying, “I will not wear a purse, I will not wear makeup.”In this bizarre video, he built his career as an “Internet Personality” and told in interviews sometimes hair-raising adventure from his past gay life – including the affair with the Footballer. He now admits to having lied on this question. It is still unclear whether Caldwell will appeal the verdict. In addition, it is considered unlikely that he can pay the penalty in his financial situation. (Dk)


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