Cologne: City apparently wants to support CSD CSD


Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker (non-party) wants to guarantee, according to a report by the “Kölner Stadtanzeiger” 1, the holding of this year’s CSD in the cathedral city with a financial subsidy of 25,000 euros. There are “rumors” that Reker has already promised the promotion.The help was necessary because the previous organizer of Cologne Pride, the Cologne Lesbian and Gay Day (KLuST), had to file for bankruptcy a month ago ( reported2). Now an alliance from the scene has taken over the helm under the leadership of Aids-Hilfe Köln and the counseling center Rubicon.Gregor Timmer, the spokesman for the OB, could not confirm to the regional newspaper that 25,000 euros had already been set aside. But: “It is clear that the money is available, but not in what amount,” said Timmer. This depends on details.The CSD organizers said on their Facebook page: “We are in good and constructive negotiations with the city, but these are not yet finalized.” At the beginning of March, they sent a letter to Reker requesting a grant of 25,000 euros. The amount should be earmarked for the establishment of a non-profit GmbH.The new CSD co-organizer Sabine Arnolds had already stated in advance: “This will not be possible without financial support” ( reported3). She emphasized that the city would also benefit from the CSD. After all, the CSD attracts around one million visitors every year. On Monday, Mayor Reker stressed in the city council that the CSD was an “important event” for the city, but of course that it could not be organized by the city administration.Endangered is less the parade, which was organized before the bankruptcy formally independent of KLuST, but rather the street festival. According to Aids aid director Michael Schuhmacher, the organization is difficult despite volunteer activists, because the rooms of KLuST and a full-time employee are no longer available.The street festival is scheduled to take place on the weekend of 7 to 9 July, with the demonstration on Sunday. In agreement with the scene last week, the new organizers have set “Human Rights First” as their motto this year. (Cw)


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