Canada: Protest in high heels


Montréal A food inspector from Montréal, Canada, has appeared at work for two weeks wearing blouse, skirt and high heels to raise awareness of job discrimination. Patrick Le Lann, heterosexual father of two children, protests that men may retire only after 30 years, but women after 25 years. Le Lann has been working for the city for 26 years. His union Syndicat of the Fonctionnaires Municipaux de Montréal said that she would support him “as long as his actions are legal”, but he does not want to campaign for an alignment on his own. Meanwhile, his employer has instructed him to appear in “male clothes”. However, he told the newspaper Le Journal de Montréal that he did not want to give up his fight: “From now on, I’ll be pulling a wig at work,” says Le Lann. “I do not wear any normal, but I should definitely do the right thing After all, women do too. ” (Dk)


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