Cabinet decides today rehabilitation and compensation of convicted gay men


The German government wants to pass its bill on the rehabilitation and compensation of victims of paragraph 175 from the post-war period at its Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. This was confirmed from the SPD and the judiciary.In recent weeks, had been feared by associations and the opposition that the long-delayed project of Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (SPD) could fail ( reported1). The Bundestag, which still has to advise and decide on the 27-page Rehabiltierungsgesetz, meets at the end of June for the last time before the election.Due to the haste, the Union and the SPD have now agreed on the last disagreements before the coalition summit scheduled for March 29th. The Federal Ministry of the Interior had u.a. According to the draft law of the Ministry of Justice, men sentenced after 1945 in the Federal Republic and the GDR for homosexual acts to a flat-rate compensation in the amount of 3,000 euros and “per year of deprivation of liberty suffered” 1,500 euros receive. In the federal budget of 2017, the Bundestag already provided 4.5 million euros last November ( reported2).In the Federal Republic was the Paragraph 175 in the version of the National Socialists until 1969, only in 1994, he was completely abolished. In the GDR homosexual acts were punishable until 1968. More than 50,000 gay and bisexual men were sentenced after 1945 in both parts of Germany. The judgments from the period of National Socialism were already repealed in 2002 by the Bundestag; Compensation was not provided for. (Mize)


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