Bush becomes gentler


Washington US President George W. Bush has made a moderate change in his attitude to gay marriage shortly before the presidential election. For the first time, Bush told ABC that he would partially support registered gay and lesbian partnerships. In “Good Morning America,” Bush reiterated his arguments for a constitutional amendment banning homosexual marriage in each state. “States should have the right to pass laws that give people (Homos, editor’s note) the opportunity, they already know, to have rights like others,” Bush said in his unmistakable tone. These rights should be introduced by the states if they wish, but they should not be against the transfer of some state rights of spouses to homosexuals. Homo-organizations criticized Bush’s statements as unbelievable, and the planned constitutional amendment would outweigh the allegedly homophobic statements. Conservative associations also criticized Bush’s interview, saying Bush was unnecessarily equaling Kerry. (Nb)


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