Brutal attack on young lesbian in Berlin


After a brutal attack on a young lesbian on early Sunday morning at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, the police are looking for witnesses. The 24-year-old was found badly injured in the scenic road at 4:50 am by alarmed paramedics.The victim has since been in the hospital and is not able to hear. The young woman suffered a broken jaw and severe injuries to the head and face. The police state protection at the state criminal police Berlin examines a homophobic background.The unknown perpetrator is fleeting. According to the investigation so far, the suspected attacker was said to have been accompanied by another man and a woman, both of whom did not participate in the attack.The police ask the people for help and ask who has been watching the incident early Sunday morning or who can give pertinent information to clarify the crime. Witnesses are kindly requested to call (030) 4664 953 100 or e-mail in other cities, the police regularly inform the capital in their press reports about crimes with a suspected homophobic or anti-immigrant background. The capital1 and prosecutor2 of the capital have their own contact for LGBTI.Last November, the Berlin police presented their current provisional statistics of homophobic and transphobic criminal offenses on the occasion of the award ceremony. For January to October 2016, therefore, 113 incidents were recorded statistically. This meant a slight increase compared to the same period last year, when 107 crimes were reported. In May, the counseling phone Maneo had also submitted its statistics, which also recorded because of other counting methods more acts and recorded for the entire year 2016 291 cases. A year earlier, it had come to 259 acts. (Cw / pm) (cw / pm) (cw / pm)


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