Boy Group B3 gives up


After the last album “Living For The Weekend” flopped, the crisp boys of B3 decided to split.By Jan GebauerAfter three and a half years of constant travel stress, two top ten singles in Germany (“IOIO” and “Tonight & Forever”, both in 2002) and the two bestselling albums “First” (2002) and “NY B3” (2003) John, Blair and Tim of B3 determined to end the time together. But not without saying goodbye to their fans with a new single: Today, Monday, December 13, “Until The End Of Time” will be released – the new promo single from the current album “Living For The Weekend”. This could not continue by far the previous successes ( reported), which should be a main reason for the separation.The video for the non-commercial single “Until The End Of Time” is the visual thank you and farewell gift to all B3 fans. But do not worry, the boys will not completely disappear from the scene. John sang on November 26 the title “One True Heart” from the movie “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” along with the singer and songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins on “The Dome”. Tim and Blair will also pursue their own musical projects after a short break. Incidentally, the last joint appearance of B3 was on December 11 in Oldenburg on “Inside The Night”.December 13, 2004


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