Between melody and noise: ARCHIVE


The sixth studio album in 15 years: “Controlling Crowds”By Carsten WeidemannBetween electronics and progressive rock, hip hop and acoustic songwriting, ARCHIVE have created a musical universe that obeys its own laws.Her sixth studio album “Controlling Crowds” also pulsates in the tension between light and dark, melody and noise, aggression and transcendence. Rock guitars leave room for rap, synthesizers combine with the power of the guitars and tricky beats alternate with uncompromising straightforwardness. This is how ARCHIVE sound in 2009, almost 15 years after the band was founded by Danny Griffiths and Darius Keeler. “Controlling Crowds” is an opus in four parts, if you will, a suite about the indomitable urge of man to bring everything in the world at any price under his control. Accordingly, the big topics on “controlling crowds” are love, war, peace, chaos, blind hatred, and spiritual ecstasy. In other words, an album that tries to bring the complexity of the world to 13 songs in a frame. An ambitious process, which, however, is quite effective and takes the listener on a trip that leads through an almost 80 minutes of music., The album appears in two formats, namely as a “regular” single CD and as a special double-CD edition with an additional section containing the video for the Single Bullets and a “Making Of …”. Disc 2 also features the fourth part of the Controlling Clouds saga, an orgiastic uptempo inferno that closes the cycle


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