Attacks against LGBTI facilities: White House denies complicity


In the US, since the election of Donald Trump four months ago, there has been an accumulation of attacks on Jewish cemeteries and facilities, mosques and LGBTI organizations – and civil rights activists accuse the new president of being responsible for the attacks with his aggressive rhetoric. However, the Trump government rejects this, as press spokesman Sean Spicer made clear on Monday.Speaking at a press conference, Spicer responded to a journalist’s question as to whether the increasing attacks on LGBTI facilities were linked to the repeal of guidelines for the protection of transsexual students1: “I do not think there is any connection here, in my opinion, to say the least – an over interpretation. “Spicer also emphasized that Americans solved their conflicts differently than by force. “We do not attack each other, we do not behave this way,” Spicer said.In February, Trump had already rejected allegations of provoking attacks on minorities with his rhetoric: “I am the least anti-Semitic and racist person you will ever meet,” he said at a press conference., Shot at LGBTI office, In In recent weeks, there have been attacks on LGBTI organization offices in several parts of the country, including New Jersey, Florida, Minnesota, and California, which have been subject to property damage. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a stranger shot an office 13 times – no one was injured in the attack. There were attacks in the capital Washington, too. Last weekend, unknown persons attacked an employee of the LGBTI center “Casa Ruby”, threw a stone through the window and smeared the building with homophobic and transphobic slogans. , In addition, several brutal murders of transsexuals were known. New Orleans alone reported that at least two trans women had been killed in the city last month – 26-year-old Ciara McElveen was stabbed to death, and two days later Chyna Gibson was shot dead with ten shots. Again, activists believe that the more aggressive mood could be responsible for the deeds.LGBTI activists directly blame the Trump administration for the harsh climate as homo-haters feel encouraged under the new president. “Prejudiced rhetoric leads to discriminatory laws and policies that in turn lead to violence,” said Mary Beth Maxwell of LGBTI’s Human Rights Campaign in a commentary2 in The Advocate magazine. Her organization also points out that 23 of the 50 states are currently planning laws to restrict LGBTI rights – these are also a direct result of the Trump administration, which, unlike its predecessor, does not attach much importance to minority protection.According to civil rights organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), there are similar developments among other minorities. For example, since the election, more attacks on mosques or Jewish institutions or cemeteries have been reported. SPLC expert Heidi Beirich directly attributed this to the new government: “Trump is attacking a group of people and shortly after the number of hate crimes explodes.” LGBTI activists fear that the climate could become more dangerous, especially for transians, as this group is currently among those most discriminated against by conservative politicians. (Dk)


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