Another Indian tribe opens the marriage for lesbians and gays


In the Osage Nation Autonomous Indigenous Territory, the majority of participants in a referendum have spoken out in favor of the opening up of marriage to same-sex couples. 52.4 percent voted for equality, the electoral committee said on Tuesday.Of about 15,000 registered voters participated in the preliminary result1, however, only 1,470 people in the vote. This corresponds to a turnout of 9.8 percent.According to a ruling by the Supreme Court2, gay and lesbian couples may marry in the United States since 2015, but in some indigenous areas, residents have their own legislation and are not bound by federal laws. Most recently, in December of last year, the Cherokee Nation introduced marriage for all ( reported3).The tribal area of ​​the Osage once extended across much of the four US states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Today, the Osage Nation has about 20,000 inhabitants. (Cw)


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