ADG: Criticism of Kauder criticism


Berlin The new CDU General Secretary Volker Kauder has been heavily attacked because of a comparison of the planned anti-discrimination law with the Nazi racial laws of the SPD and Greens. The Greens spoke on Tuesday of a “false start” of the new General Secretary of the CDU, this “failed comparison” witnessed “of an unbearable oblivion of history”. The SPD accused Kauder of mocking the Nazi victims and demanding an apology from Kauder. Kauder had sharply criticized the bill the day before the Federal Committee of the CDU and said earlier, some had pointed out, it depends on the “right race”. Later in the GDR the “right class” had been propagated, then it had gone to the correct skin color. “And now we are experiencing: It has to have the right political attitude.” If that does not help, an anti-discrimination law will be made, citing media from Kauders speech. With this criticism, the union had “gone too far,” said SPD parliamentary vice Nicolette Kressl and the SPD legal politician Olaf Scholz. “First she opens the so-called patriotism debate, then the Junge Union invites the ex-CDU deputies and right-wing man Martin Hohmann as a keynote speaker and now the derailment of the new Secretary General.” CDU party leader Angela Merkel must “be careful that not win the gunman with their weird Nazi comparisons in the Union, the upper hand,” criticized the Green Leader, Steffi Lemke. Green Party Parliamentary Group Leader Volker Beck said those who denounce the law are a “bad democrat”. Kauder had been elected by the delegates on Monday as the new CDU General Secretary. (Nb / pm)


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